European country high points

I have travelled to many countries across the world and I have found that travel widens your horizons and gives you a great appreciation of what you have.

I like to have focus to my travel and as such the list of the Core Europe Country High Points fascinates me as to offers an opportunity to combine travel within Europe, experience of other cultures/languages and the potential for views from the highest point in a country.

I hope to one day visit the summit of each of the Core Europe Country High Points but at the moment my attention is very much on working towards an attempt of Everest.

To date I have recorded an ascent of 13 of the 49 Core Europe Country High Points (i.e about 27% complete to date). The summits which have been done to date include:

  • Ben Nevis (1,344m) in the United Kingdom on 6th June 1992;
  • Rysy (2,499m) in Poland on 2nd August 2005;
  • Galdhøpiggen (2,469m) in Norway on 19th August 2007;
  • Mont Blanc (4,810m) on the French/Italian border on 9th September 2007;
  • Vaalserberg (321m) in the Netherlands on 9th February 2008;
  • Signal de Botrange (694m) in Belgium on 9th February 2008;
  • Kneiff (560m) in Luxembourg on 9th February 2008;
  • Kebnekaise (2,106m) in Sweden on 4th August 2009;
  • Møllehøj (171m) in Denmark on 29th September 2009;
  • Snaefell (621m) on the Isle of Man on 10th October 2009;
  • Monte Titano (739m) in San Marino on 20th November 2010;
  • Rock of Gibraltar (426m) in Gibraltar on 20th October 2012.


This still leaves plenty of opportunities for future travel and mountaineering across Europe. I look forward to trying to complete this list 🙂

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