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The biggest supporters to help me achieve my dreams have been my family and my wonderful fiancee. I would like to thank them most of all. Thank you to all of my friends as well who have been encouraging me to follow my dreams.

As part of the Everest 2013 expedition, I am aiming to advance radiation science by attempting to actually assess the radiation dose that is received by UK high altitude mountain guides during a typical expedition to Everest.

These efforts to look more closely at the radiation doses received by high altitude mountain guides are being supported by the organisations listed below and I would like to thank them for their support in this matter.  I have also listed some other specific supporters whom I’d also like to thank.

Global Dosimetry Solutions is owned by Mirion Technologies. A new version of their innovative Instadose product is being released to me, specially set up to permit a reading of accrued dose every two hours throughout the duration of the Everest expedition. This accrued dose information will be collated with information on altitude and actual positions on the mountain to begin to build up a truer picture of occupational radiation doses of high altitude mountain guides.


Tracerco are the manufacturers of the T404 Personal Electronic Dosemeter which will be used for some real time information on dose rates whilst out on Everest. This unit has already been tested up to 5,800m altitude (unpressurised) in Ecuador and the unit responded very well.



RP Alba Ltd are principally helping to provide the communications infrastructure to allow everyone to follow the progress of this expedition. A big thank you to them.




Spatial Consultants have helped to set up the mapping that will be used to show and track my progress on Everest so that people can see where I was on the mountain at the last time that I logged a location.



Kromek have offered to supply me with their new GR1 Spectrometer and associated software to allow an assessment of photon energy range at different altitudes on Everest. This spectrometer is very lightweight (60g) and use of it on Everest is likely to be one of the most extreme environments that the unit has been used in to date.


ipadio have a wonderful platform by which anyone can broadcast live to the web from anywhere in the world. I have got both my personal mobile phone and the satellite phone set up to broadcast to the web via ipadio. The transmissions held on the ipadio system are transferred automatically through to the main website and onwards to Facebook. Giving you regular internet updates would not be possible without their amazing platform. Please check out ipadio’s website to see what they can do for you. Thanks Mark and the ipadio team for making this possible.


Teckna are the online providers of the web hosting space for the http://www.bob-kerr.com website – due to the number of images already on this website and the potential for many more throughout the Everest expedition I was running out of paid for hosting space.  Teckna have been excellent and have increased my hosting space so that we can ensure that there is sufficient hosting capacity on the website for the adventure to be followed. Thanks Teckna.


Myrddyn Phillips has been conducting a series of interviews with me over the last 9 months or so and I would like to thank him for his time on this project. He has helped me recount verbally some of my adventures and he has helped me to share these stories with the wider world. I know that he has spend many hours in front of computer trying to upload these interviews and I have enjoyed spending time with him doing these interviews. I hope that you have enjoyed watching them and I look forward to sharing my stories of Everest with you all when I return.

If any other companies or individuals wish their products to be used on Everest, or wish to use this marketing opportunity then please feel free to contact me asap. I will be happy to discuss all reasonable requests.

To maximise the societal benefit of my Everest expedition I will also be raising money for charity. Please consider making a generous donation to my chosen charities for my efforts on Everest.

If you or your company wish to gain an association with Everest to promote your brand or products then please contact me at bob@bob-kerr.com.

And finally, a quick thank you to Everest who have given me a discount on a new front door for my house as a trade for taking a photograph of their flag in front of Everest itself. I will take this photo for them.



  1. Andrew Kerr says:

    We’re very proud of you Bob, can’t wait for your updates on your expedition!

  2. Jacqueline Fritchley-Simpson says:

    We are all proud to know you and wish you all the best! Follow your dreams…

  3. Colin says:

    Wishing you all the very best for your Everest climb. I will look forward in reading any blogs to see how you are getting on.


    Mount Everest The British Story

  4. Dot says:

    One foot in front of the other all the way to the top. Oh and safely back down again x

  5. John Boag says:

    Best of luck Bob – Hope everything going well.

    Hope you have got that “RULLION FLAG ” in your rucksack ??( donation to follow soon !! ).

    Climb safely.

  6. Nick Hancock says:

    Surely Everest should have made you take the door to base camp for the photo?

    Best of luck, remember that the summit is only the half way point of the journey.

    I look forward to seeing you out at Rockall.


  7. Alex Wotherspoon at btinternet.com says:

    Hi really enjoying your updates and will include some of your comments on altitude radiation in my classroom discussions 🙂 wishing you every success Alex

  8. John Robson says:

    Following your blogs on nearly a daily basis my friend as I fight my own little mountain at home. Remember to stay safe, fit and healthy. Enjoy the whole experience and remember the old Fire & Ice motto – “Inveniam Viam aut Faciam” – I’ll find a way or make a way.

    JR and the rest of the team

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