Post Everest and eyesight update

Thursday 13th June 2013 – I’ve been back in the UK for almost two weeks now and I have travelled the length and breadth of the country. In total I have clocked up over 3,000 miles on the UK roads since returning.

I am still playing catch-up on reading and responding to all of my mail and email. I am also trying to catch up with various friends and family members. It takes a while to readjust to life in the UK after so long overseas. I have been enjoying the food here. The Everest diet worked well for me and I lost over 8kg (over a stone) in weight but I have probably regained a little weight since returning. The Everest diet has helped for getting ready for my wedding later this year.

It has been nice returning to see various people and I have been greeted with welcome back banners in a few places and a wonderful cake from some other colleagues.

I saw the Doctor this afternoon about my eye. He has given me the referral that I need to see the specialist in Inverness so hopefully I’ll get a second opinion soon.

My doctor noted a patch of about 0.5mm x 1mm on the retina of my right eye that he thinks may be an indication of a hemorrhage having taken place but it could be an abnormality that I have had for years that I did not know about.

He could not see all areas of my retina – he thinks that the patch he saw may be related to my loss of vision on Everest – his observation ties in with the fact that I have not fully regained vision yet (still at about 95% recovered and this could be some minor permanent damage).

His observations and thoughts are that I could have had a High Altitude Retinal Hemorrhage (HARH) rather than anything else. He recommended not going that high again as I could do much more significant, possibly permanent, damage. I need the expert opinion – perhaps the easier south side is beckoning despite the risks of the Kymbhu icefall??? (after all a blind person has summitted from that side).  I am now hoping that the eye specialist comes up with a different diagnosis and gives me the all clear to continue to work towards achieving my third life goal and completing the Seven Summits.

Thank you to everyone that has made a donation to my chosen charities. Over £2,500 plus gift aid has been raised which is great. Thank you.

Further updates will be issued after I’ve seen the eye specialist. Will be off out to Assynt Mountain Rescue Team training this weekend – it’ll be good catching up with the team. Have fun out there.

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  1. Andy says:

    I don’t think any doctor is ever going to recommend you do anything in any way extreme. Take what they say with the pinch of salt that their professional reputation requires.

    Flights booked, see you in Sept / Oct.


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