Finally home

Friday 7th June 2013 – It has been a long and very interesting expedition in which I pushed my body to the limit but didn’t push it too far so that I didn’t break it.

I have finally reached home for the first time since March and it feels great to finally reach this ultimate destination.

I collected my fiancee Sarah from Glasgow on route and we relaxed during the drive to the north coast however we didn’t enjoy being delayed at the Kessock Bridge road works at Inverness for over 45 minutes this afternoon.

The final section of the drive over Glen Loth, where we saw loads of deer as normal, and onwards up Strath Halladale were especially enjoyable as we knew that we were reaching journey’s end.

Upon reaching home it was nice cooking for ourselves and tonight it will be back to some sort of normality as we will be going to the monthly village pub quiz (and hopefully winning). It will be good seeing my neighbours and local community again tonight.

As for the beard, as it is the end of the expedition has it gone already or should it go or should it stay?????

My eye sight has still not returned 100% in my right eye (it is 95-96% ok now) and will need specialist assessment by an Ophthalmologist to see how much damage I have done and whether there is anything that can be done to prevent a re-occurrence of my vision loss at extreme altitude as I still want to achieve my third life goal of reaching (and safely returning from) the summit of Everest before the age of 50.

Although I did not reach the summit of Everest on this occasion the charities whom I am trying to raise funds for should not be penalised – I tried my best but medical constraints prohibited me summitting. So if you have enjoyed following my Everest adventure, and have not yet done so, then please consider making a donation to one or more of my chosen charities by clicking on one or more of the links below and make an on-line donation:

Alzheimer’s Disease International

Assynt Mountain Rescue Team

Society for Radiological Protection Benevolent Fund

Thank you for showing your support through your donation(s) to these worthy causes. In total over £2,300 (plus gift aid) has been raised, shared between the three charities so a huge thank you to everyone who has donated their hard earned cash.

There will be follow up blogs to let you know how I get on with the eye specialist, future plans for Everest and to report the outcome of my cosmic radiation measurements.

I have uploaded over 100 pictures from the expedition to the Bob Kerr – Prospective 7 Summitteer Facebook page. I hope that you enjoy looking at these and I hope that you enjoyed following the adventure!

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  1. Ashley says:

    Welcome Home!

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