Back in Scotland via Manchester

Thursday 6th June 2013 – Twenty one years ago today I completed the first of my three life goals (ascending Ben Nevis before the age of 16) during a trip out with the Marr College Hillwalking Club that was led by my physics teacher Mr Adams. I remember that it was a gorgeous hot, sunny day and reaching the summit via the Carn Mor Dearg arete was a big achievement for me at the time.

I am getting closer and closer to home now, but before I reached bonnie Scotland today I stopped off in the Manchester area to meet the poet W.T. Stringfellow who had written a poem for me titled “Mountain of Kings”. I felt honoured to have had a poem written for me and I recited this poem from Everest in an audio blog. The poem that had been penned for me is as follows:

Call of the mountain,
Lured many a man.
In awe and wonder,
Vocations began.
Season upon season,
All weather and terrain.
The mountain around,
Being never the same.
Consuming, bewildering,
Many times they’d return.
For the mountain holds secrets,
Few men can discern.
And all known things.
Revered be the man,
On the mountains of the Kings.

The poet Wayne Thomas (W.T.) Stringfellow is a good friend of Ron Dearden who works for Mirion Technologies. Mirion Technologies have been very supportive of my efforts to make cosmic radiation measurements on Everest and I will be sending back their detectors to California for processing as soon as I get home. When I get the results back then I can start producing my scientific paper on high altitude radiation exposure of mountaineers. I look forward to getting the results back and analysing the data.

Upon arrival in Southern Scotland I headed over to Troon to see my parents for the evening (and collect my car which they had got MOT’d and re-road taxed for me whilst I was away – Thanks Dad!). It was nice seeing them after a few months away and getting a nice homemade meal from my mum.

Is it time for the beard to go as I am coming to the end of this expedition? Keep following the adventure.

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  1. Peter Chisholm says:

    Good to see you back safe and well Bob. If I had known you were in Troon it would have been nice to come and shake your hand.

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