Keeping promises

Tuesday 4th June 2013 – There has been quite a bit of interest in my attempt to scale Mount Everest and I had received some questions from pupils at Landscove Primary School in Devon whilst I was out there.

I had sent a response to their questions whilst at Doha airport during my return journey and today I had the privelege of meeting those that had posed the questions.

About 60 of the 107 pupils at Landscove Primary School (years 3, 4, 5 and 6) were gathered for morning assembly and I spoke for a short while about my experiences of Everest and the goals that I had set myself at age 12. I then opened up the session to the pupils and numerous good questions were asked – e.g. how did you get water to drink? What temperature was it? What wildlife did you see? What type of boots did you use? Etc. The questions kept coming but after 30 or so minutes their headmaster had make them return to their classes. I enjoyed speaking with them and hope that this has inspired all of them to have a dream and start working towards it. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

After I had been to school today, Sarah and I had a quick cup of tea with the team from the Society for Radiological Protection (SRP) then headed off to Torquay. Before heading out to Everest I had promised that I would try my best to come back intact from Everest and that upon my return that we would buy our wedding rings for our forthcoming wedding.

I was able to keep both of these promises and within a couple of hours of being in Torquay the wedding ring type and the necessary size for both of us had been found and ordered. It was nice keeping this important promise as my fiancee has had a stressful time worrying about me whilst I have been away.

I am now back in London, having visited a lighthouse on route, and will be continuing to gradually drift northwards towards home tomorrow. Keep following the adventure.

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