Scenic mountain flight

Thursday 30th May 2013 – I had an early start this morning as I had booked a panoramic flight of Everest. The “mountain flight” is done by numerous tourists and gives good views of Everest. I was not sure how close to Everest the flight would go and I was hopeful of some amazing views.

Upon arrival at the airport I was dubious about whether the flight would take off as there was significant cloud cover. However all of the passengers were transferred to the Yeti airlines Jetstream 41 aircraft and I took my window seat.

The plane did not look in good condition compared to Western aircraft and as someone that does not like flying I was not comfortable with getting aboard. The aircraft took off at rose to 21,000′ as it flew in the direction of Lukla and Everest. We were firmly in the cloud so the pilot increased his height to 23,000′ and we were still in the cloud. He rose again up to 25,000′ and we were still in cloud and ice was forming on the leading edges of the wings and the front of the propellers. My concern for safety in the air was increasing and the pilot took some descends periodically to shake the ice off of the wings as it seriously affects the aerodynamics of the aircraft and makes it a lot heavier.

We had no view of Everest or the surrounding Himalayan peaks and after the standard 45 minute “mountain flight” thankfully we landed safely back in Kathmandu. As the flight had flown I was not entitled to a refund unfortunately and I think that they should have just cancelled the scenic flight.

I returned back to the Hotel Manaslu in Kathmandu in time for breakfast and have spent the day catching up on emails – I have a lot of these to catch up on.

Tonight, I should hopefully be flying out of Kathmandu on route to Doha in Qatar. Thanks to my wonderful fiancee for bringing my flights forward. Keep following the adventure.

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  1. Andrew Kerr says:

    That’s a bit stink Robert, could have been amazing too.

    I’m awfully disappointed that we’re coming to the end of your adventure… I must go find some for myself to take part in.

    Next adventure… married life for you. 🙂

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