Happy birthday SRP

8th May 1963 – It was on this exact date 50 years ago that a Founder Members’ Meeting took place which formed “The Society for Radiological Protection” for which the approved abbreviation is ‘SRP’.

Happy 50th birthday SRP from Everest (which was first climbed 60 years ago this month).

When I am not off on expeditions or gallivanting, my main field of work is in radiological protection and hence my professional interest in the success of the SRP as a learned society.

Whilst out here on Everest I am making a series of cosmic radiation measurements to further the scientific knowledge of radiation fields at high altitudes and the associated impact(s) (if any) on UK expedition companies. A further blog post on this study will follow in due course.

Recently the SRP have launched a Benevolent Fund to help support it’s members (and families) in various ways. Please help celebrate the SRP’s 50th birthday by making a donation today to their Benevolent Fund – this charity is one of three that I am trying to raise money for during my attempt on Everest. Please click here to make a donation to the SRP Benevolent Fund today. Thank you.


  1. Darryl says:

    If you’d like a proof reader for any technical papers I’ll give my time for free!!

  2. John Robson says:

    Bob – You must be the first person on Everest to pay homage to ‘The Society of Radiological Protection’ – my hero as ever!! Good to see you looking so fit and healthy although your face is beginning to catch those cosmic UV rays high on Chomolungma. I’m still recovering (3 months now and gradually putting on weight as I was down to 9st 9lbs!!) and it’s great inspiration to see your photographs and hear your news. We had a wonderful last Friday 3rd May with the Fire & Ice team and lots of other climbers/mountaineers at the Ramside Hall Hotel for our 25th Wedding Celebrations – a continuation of the party we had which you attended at the beginning of March. Stay fit, healthy and safe. All the best John Robson xxx

    • admin says:

      Thanks John – hope that your recovery continues well and hope to see you at another Fire & Ice event soon.

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