Expedition supporters and drugs

Tonight I am pleased to add a new section to the website and this details all of the current expedition supporters. There are still opportunities for more companies or individuals to show their support and get involved in this adventure.

Please take time to visit each of the expedition supporters websites and see what value each of them are bringing to my Everest Northeast Ridge expedition of 2013.

Late this afternoon, I visited my doctor and he gave me a prescription for the usual cocktail of drugs for a high altitude expedition. I hope not to need to use the drugs as I want to get high by putting one foot in front of the other all the way to the top (and back down). 

His prescription for me included Diamox (for treatment of High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema) and Dexamethasone (for treatment of High Altitude Cerebral Oedema). If I need to use any of these drugs then it will be an emergency and I will be needing to descend promptly. I hope not to need to use these prescribed drugs – I haven’t needed them to date and so far I have been up to 23000′ without oxygen successfully.

I am pleased to report that so far almost £900 has been donated to my chosen charities by you kind folks. Thank you if you have already made a donation.

This is great news but please please can those who have not yet made a donation to one of the charities please consider making a donation to support one or more of them. Thank you.

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  1. Gordon Morris says:

    Bob, I think this was the article I had read about the dose of acetazolamide. I am sure you know all this stuff
    Also an article last year I can get you if it can add anything
    Trust you don’t need to use any of your drugs. Best wishes, Gordon Morris

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