Everest for charity

Although climbing Everest is to try to achieve a personal dream that I have held since age 12, I am also keen to maximise the societal benefit from pushing ahead with achieving my dreams.

As such the Everest expedition, and other expeditions to date, have been pretty much fully self-financed. I am aiming to try to raise additional funds for some of the charities that are close to my heart through my Everest adventure.

Some people have said that I should just give the cost of the Everest expeditions to charity and not go.

In response to this I think that I should highlight that I do a lot personally to support charities – such as I have been an active member of the Assynt Mountain Rescue Team since December 1999 and I have also volunteered to support the activities of the Society for Radiological Protection (I have been the chairperson of the Scottish Regional Group since 2009). Previously I have also volunteered to help run the local cub scouts group (for about 5 or so years), to provide first aid cover with the British Red Cross, and been an active member of my local coastguard team (for 5 or so years as well). If you used the minimum wage figure as my hourly rate then I would have already donated to charity a lot more than the cost of an Everest expedition and helped save some lives in the process. I give a lot to charity and it is something that I enjoy doing and it is something that I will continue doing.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to give up some of your hard-earned money to support one of the charities that I am aiming to raise money for. Please click on the links below to go straight to my fundraising page for each of the charities listed:

Alzheimer’s Disease International

Assynt Mountain Rescue Team

Society for Radiological Protection’s Benevolent Fund

Thank you to those that have already generously donated and thank you if you are just about to donate using one of the above links.

Today I had an email from Alzheimer’s Disease International telling me that their latest edition of their Global Perspective newsletter had just been published. When I opened this latest newsletter, I was pleased see that my fundraising efforts for this very worthy charity are mentioned on the back cover of their March 2013 newsletter. Please consider donating generously to ADI to help take action on dementia. Thank you.

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