Equipment for Everest

I can hardly believe it but the departure date for my Everest expedition is coming round really rapidly. I booked the expedition on the way back from Antarctica in December 2011 and it is now March 2013 already.

I have had the final letter through from Adventure Peaks and the expedition team consists of 9 clients, 2 guides and local Sherpa support.

I have started going through the equipment list and beginning to recheck equipment that I currently own to make sure that it was still in good enough condition for a quick trip up the “Big Hill” or to identify what I needed to get.

In general, having been to the highest points in North America, the Arctic and Antarctica, it was fair to say that I have most of the kit that I need. However it was recommended that instead of a two-piece down suit (jacket and salopettes) it is recommended that a one-piece down suit be used.

When I was at the Adventure Peaks shop in Ambleside at the start of December I tried on the one-piece down suits and having allowed my credit card to get a further hammering I am now the proud owner of a down onesie.

I have had to replace a few odds and ends such as gloves that I have worn through and I’ve just order another wide-necked water bottle so that I can have two pee bottles on the mountain – one to be left with each sleeping bag. Talking of sleeping bags, just a couple of weeks ago I remembered that I had not yet had my down sleeping bag that had been used in Antarctica freshened up – so that was promply despatched for specialist dry cleaning with an apologetic note saying “sorry about the smell”. I hope to get both of my down sleeping bags back shortly.

I managed to wreck another digital camera whilst out in Ecuador training at Christmas 2012. However I am pleased to say that I received today a replacement. If I were to return from Everest with only one photo then I want to make sure that I capture a summit photo – I will be taking out two digital cameras (that can be recharged from my solar panel) and a Go-Pro. Hopefully I’ll get the summit moments captured to post on here later.

There have been some exciting developments in the equipment for the measurement of cosmic radiation doses whilst out on Everest and I will post a blog about this when this has been finalised.

As it comes closer to the expedition departure date I think that I should now start encouraging everyone to donate to one of my chosen good causes. So if you have not already done so, please consider making a donation as I am aiming to ascend Everest for charity too. Please donate generously and thanks to everyone that has donated already.

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