Gearing up for Everest

Since the Ecuador expedition it has been a very busy time for me trying to catch up with work and start the preparations for the start of my attempt on Everest next month to hopefully complete my attempt on the Seven Summits.

Discussions have been continuing with radiation metrology companies and it looks like a good series of measurements will be able to be made of cosmic radiation exposures whilst out on Everest to help advance scientific knowledge for the assessment of radiation doses received by high altitude mountain guides.

Whilst out in Ecuador, I tested the use of the ipadio technology to bring you audio blogs direct to this website.  I have been in further discussions with Managing Director of ipadio and we are looking to further improve what you can see of my Everest expedition whilst in the comfort of your own homes.

For those that are not familiar with ipadio: “ipadio specialises in reaching the hard to reach through the use of innovative technology. The ipadio phonecasting service allows you to broadcast audio live to the internet from any telephone. Whether you’re using a satellite phone or a smartphone connected to 4G, you can stream audio straight to the web and have it automatically cross-post to your social media feeds. This technology has been used by arctic explorers, jungle explorers, and rowers braving the high seas to keep their friends, family, and followers up to date on their amazing adventures, no matter where they are.”

I hope that you enjoy tracking the progress of my expedition to Everest and please spread the word of this expedition to others.  I will be taking radiation dose rate measurements during the expedition but I am also hoping to raise money for charity during this attempt.  If you have not done so already, please consider making a donation to one of the three charities that I am trying to raise funds for.  Click here to choose a charity to donate to and follow the link to the respective justgiving website to make your donation.

I have visited Myrddyn Phillips recently and we have now filmed short videos on my Mount Vinson expedition and my thoughts prior to going out to Everest.  Both of these videos will be released in the next six or so weeks.  If you have not yet seen the most recent video, about Denali, then please click here to watch it.

There is still a lot to sort out before flying out to attempt Everest but I shall give another update in the near future about training for Everest and how the preparations are going.  Stay tuned and please encourage people to make a donation to one of my choosen charities. Thanks everyone.

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