Scenic mountain flight

Thursday 30th May 2013 – I had an early start this morning as I had booked a panoramic flight of Everest. The “mountain flight” is done by numerous tourists and gives good views of Everest. I was not sure how close to Everest the flight would go and I was hopeful of some amazing views. […]

Everest Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Wednesday 29th May 2013 – 60 years ago today Mount Everest was successfully ascended for the first time by Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary. I was privileged, and lucky enough, to be in Kathmandu (Nepal) on this special occasion. Celebrations were being held in Nepal to mark this special occasion. The Adventure Peaks team […]

Back in Nepal

Tuesday 28th May 2013 – having rested in Zangmu (China) overnight we¬†were driven down to Friendship Bridge this morning. We walked the final bit down the road to the bridge and border crossing. As we walked down we saw our expedition equipment and luggage being off-loaded from the trucks and being given over to locals […]

At the border

Monday 27th May – we got up early for a 6am breakfast and before we had breakfast we needed to have all of our kit packed up, our tents emptied and ready for dismantling. I had packed away my tent before breakfast and was ready and eager to start the journey back towards Nepal. We […]

Everest Northeast ridge expedition 2013 – 47th phonecast

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Waiting to leave Base Camp

I had arrived back at Base Camp on Thursday 23rd May and the rest of the Adventure Peaks team (those who had summitted) descended down to Base Camp on Friday 24th. Our Sherpa support team have been working hard to clear all of the various camps on the mountain and get everything packed up at […]

No Everest summit bonus

My attempt to scale the world’s highest summit was never going to be easy, but as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, that I considered success on Everest as coming back alive with all of my digits intact. This I should achieve unless something unexpected occurs during my travel on the way home. I […]

Everest Northeast ridge expedition 2013 – 45th phonecast

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Everest Northeast ridge expedition 2013 – 44th phonecast

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Everest Northeast ridge expedition 2013 – 43rd phonecast

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