Purposeful idleness

Tuesday 30th April 2013. I am here in Tibet to climb a mountain (Everest) yet it might surprise some of you that this is our sixth day in a row at Base Camp. I am actually enjoying the down time as I rarely get to rest and relax when in the UK. However, it is […]

Everest fight and Cycle 2 minor delay

Today, Monday 29th April, was meant to be our final rest day before the second rotation commenced. However, departure for our second rotation is being delayed by a day due to the weather forecast for 5-7 days time. Most of us enjoyed our second hot shower this morning since getting to Tibet in our makeshift […]

Cold injuries and aftersun

Today, Sunday 28th April, was our fourth rest day in a row at Base Camp and Everest looks quite clouded in today. We will be having one more rest day before starting the second cycle on Everest. So tomorrow I’ll probably be repacking my rucksack and checking that all the kit that I need up […]

Everest and oxygen

Many people ask whether you need oxygen to climb Everest. Well, we all need oxygen to allow our bodies to function so the answer to the first question is yes. The real question is whether or not you need supplementary oxygen to climb Everest. Everest has been climbed by some mountaineers without the use of […]

Wash day

Having spent a day recovering and fattening up again at Base Camp, today, Friday 26th April 2013, has been a bit more domestic. Although we couldn’t enjoy the luxury of a shower again, due to the lack of availability of liquid fuel for the generator, we could participate in doing some long overdue laundry. Washing […]

Living it up at Base Camp

It is strange to think but Base Camp now actually feels luxurious – there is loads of oxygen to breathe and having your own space in your own tent is an amazing experience. What has really made my day today, Thursday 25th April, was the fact that I could have my first hot shower since […]

Cycle 1 complete

We have safely completed the first cycle on Mount Everest and are now back in the relative luxury of Base Camp (got my own tent and intermittent Chinese mobile phone signal for data transfer). We had set off on Friday 19th April to walk from base camp to Intermediate Base Camp. This was a walk […]

Everest Northeast ridge expedition 2013 – 32nd phonecast

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Everest Northeast ridge expedition 2013 – 30th phonecast

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