Not arrived in Kathmandu

One of the joys of travel is that you have to expect the unexpected and well I am currently not in Kathmandu where I was meant to arrive an hour or two ago. So the flight took off as planned, we cruised along at 35000′ and commenced our descent towards Kathmandu. The temperature was only […]

Airborne again

We are now airborne and flying eastwards towards Kathmandu. The flight should take just less than 4 hours to cover the 2090 miles. For this flight we are in an A320 and I’m pleased to say that I have some leg room (the joys of an exit row seat). Time to get comfy and watch […]

Cosmic radiation dose

One of the aims of my Everest attempt, other than simply getting to the summit is to gain further information on the potential radiation doses of UK high altitude mountain guides (see Everest for Science section for more information). As part of achieving this aim, one of the tools that I have with me for […]

In Qatar

I am now in Doha international airport for a 10 hour layover then it’ll be the flight to Kathmandu. The journey to Everest started on Thursday and there is still plenty more travel to go. I made some final tweaks to kit in London this morning, got some American dollars and a set of walking […]

Latest Audio Blog Update Everest Northeast ridge expedition 2013 – 20th phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

Itinerary change

Having spent a morning trying to get on top of numerous things that I’m behind on, I am now at Glasgow airport waiting on the first flight of this expedition to get me down to London Heathrow. My fiancee Sarah is currently with me. We were dropped off at the airport in plenty of time […]

Travel to the Big Hill begins

On Thursday 28th March 2013, I left home via Melvich beach to commence the journey to the Big Hill (Everest). Watch a short video filmed at the beach. After being at Melvich beach I headed south and did some last minute equipment purchases in Inverness to swap out items that I was not 100% happy […]

Pre-Everest video interview

My departure date for Everest is now rapidly approaching and I am trying to tidy up a number of things before heading out (including packing). Earlier this year Myrddyn Phillips filmed a pre-Everest interview with me and he has just posted this interview onto his youtube channel. You can watch this video by clicking here. […]

Pre-Everest Interview

Last weekend I¬†was interviewed by Alan Arnette as part of his series of interviews with aspirant Everest mountaineers. He himself has been to Everest four times and on the fourth attempt reached the summit. Alan’s website has for many years been the authoritative quick source of information to find out what all of the different […]

Expedition supporters and drugs

Tonight I am pleased to add a new section to the website and this details all of the current expedition supporters. There are still opportunities for more companies or individuals to show their support and get involved in this adventure. Please take time to visit each of the expedition supporters¬†websites and see what value each […]