Medical examinations & Everest dream

My Everest dream is still alive and when I recover financially from my recent attempt, then save up some money then I hope to go out and attempt Everest again but with a different oxygen strategy. I mentioned in my previous blog post about attending Raigmore hospital in Inverness to see an Ophthalmologist who concluded […]

Specialist consultation about my eyesight and future Everest plans

My doctor had given me a referral to see the specialist Ophthalmologist at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness and I attended this appointment on Thursday 27th June 2013. This appointment started with seeing a nurse in the eye clinic who measured the pressure of each of my eyes. The pressure was “normal” and pretty much in […]

Expedition supporters and drugs

Tonight I am pleased to add a new section to the website and this details all of the current expedition supporters. There are still opportunities for more companies or individuals to show their support and get involved in this adventure. Please take time to visit each of the expedition supporters websites and see what value each […]

Everest for charity

Although climbing Everest is to try to achieve a personal dream that I have held since age 12, I am also keen to maximise the societal benefit from pushing ahead with achieving my dreams. As such the Everest expedition, and other expeditions to date, have been pretty much fully self-financed. I am aiming to try […]

Equipment for Everest

I can hardly believe it but the departure date for my Everest expedition is coming round really rapidly. I booked the expedition on the way back from Antarctica in December 2011 and it is now March 2013 already. I have had the final letter through from Adventure Peaks and the expedition team consists of 9 […]

Gearing up for Everest

Since the Ecuador expedition it has been a very busy time for me trying to catch up with work and start the preparations for the start of my attempt on Everest next month to hopefully complete my attempt on the Seven Summits. Discussions have been continuing with radiation metrology companies and it looks like a […]

3 days to go till Ecuador exped starts

Three days till we fly out to Ecuador via Madrid for the start of the expedition. I still need to pack and have loads of work that needs done before heading out – arrgghh. Not to worry, it’ll all be fine. I am pleased to see that there are now 83 likes of the new […]

4 days till Ecuador expedition begins

It is 4 days until the Ecuador expedition begins. The facebook page is now set up to receive automatic blogs forwarded over automatically from the website and we are hopeful that all of this new technology works. The Ecuador expedition is being used to test all aspects of remote blogging so that I can keep you all up to date […]

Facebook page set up

Many people use facebook to keep a track of friends’ updates. We have just set up a facebook page to allow blogs from the expeditions to be carried over to this medium and hence keep you readily updated on progress posted here at Please “Like” the facebook page to have my expedition blogs carried […]

Interview with Myrddyn Phillips about Carstensz Pyramid

I was interviewed by Myrddyn Phillips earlier this year as part of his series to interview me about each of the Seven Summits. His latest interview, about my ascent of Carstensz Pyramid, was released yesterday on his youtube channel. You can view this interview by clicking here. I hope that you enjoy watching this interview.