To see the latest written and audio blogs associated with my Everest Northeast Ridge 2013 expedition please click here to find out how we are getting on.

Thank you for visiting my website.  This site has been set up to keep you in touch with the latest developments in my attempt to take on the Seven Summits.

I have now successfully scaled the highest point on six of the world’s seven continental plates and am now gearing up for an attempt on Mount Everest in Spring 2013.  Tests were performed in Ecuador during December 2012 / January 2013 of this website to ensure that adequate remote blogging capabilities are available to help you keep abreast of developments during my Everest attempt.  As a result of these tests, some further improvements are being assessed and hopefully implemented to make following my blog whilst out on Everest as interesting as possible.

Many people like to follow blog updates using social media so I have set up a facebook page which you can follow and this facebook page will have feeds from this website transferred over to it.

During the Everest expedition, I am looking to progress radiation protection science and will be making measurements of cosmic radiation doses received on Everest.

Finally, I am trying to raise money for three choosen charities during my attempt to ascend Everest. Please consider donating generously to one, or more, of these charities. Thank you.

Please click here to read my latest written and audio blogs associated with this endeavour.


  1. Anne Marit Rødland says:

    Congratulations! Great homepages and enjoyable reading. Very interesting and inspiring to read about your trips….. and there are so many things that you have done that I would like to do. I am looking forward to hear about the upcoming trip to the final of the 7 summits.
    Anne Marit

  2. Brian Hughes says:

    Best of luck Bob.

  3. Denise sudd says:

    good luck on your trip to Ecuador over the christmas & new year

    please take care

  4. Myrddyn Phillips says:

    Another amazing expedition, hope all goes well in Ecuador.

  5. Jonathan Appleby says:

    Hi Bob, really enjoyed reading through some of your trip reports. It seems we have some things in common – a fear of heights which we have learned to “manage”, involvement in MRTs – although I “retired” in 1991. And I did spend a few months at Dounreay in the mid-90s.
    Hope your trip to Ecuador goes well. I wish you every success on Everest – a tough step up from your previous high point, but you do have plenty of serious cold-weather experience, which will stand you in good stead high on the hill.

  6. David Hoyle says:

    Hi Bob,

    Best of luck on Everest. It’s on a totally different scale to the others but Denali is no pushover. You must be in good physical shape in any event. Best wishes. DH.

  7. Barry Savage says:

    Happy Ney year Bob, Great to see the planning is working ( not like somewhere we know)
    Best of luck with your attempt. Keep us posted.

  8. Dhanni Dae says:

    You are inspiring me how to catch the dream, and get it make come true..
    Best of Luck on everest bob!

  9. Kathleen says:

    Best of luck Bob.Will donate to one of you charities but hard to decide as they are all so deserving.Stay safe.X

  10. John Walford says:

    Great news, Bob – won’t be long now! Best of luck (especially where you need it – with the weather). I look forward to following your progress with much interest. My daughter (ex Caithness) and partner are in Nepal just now – well to the west of where you will be and MUCH lower (Manaslu), but having a fine time, hailstorms permitting. John W.

  11. Unity says:

    Good luck Bob – an amazing endeavour.
    Hope all goes well and look forward to seeing you on your return

  12. Marta Noworyta says:

    I’m looking at my huge map of the world hanging above my bed and still can’t believe that you are curently attempting to climb the highest peak of the Earth!!! Best of luck and enjoy every moment!!! Wave to me when you will be at the top! :))) x

  13. Angus says:

    Hope you get to the top Bob, cheers

  14. Val and John says:

    Tough call – we are thinking of you.
    Val and John

  15. Harry says:

    Hope you are doing well? Quick question, do you have better phone signal or WiFi up there?

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